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This is the first blog entry for the Turtle Log.  Pile of Turtles is the name of my company and I’m Jeremy.   I will be blogging about iOS Development, programming, cheese, and video games.  Let me give you a little summary of what each topic means to me.

iOS Development

I just launched my first iOS app, No Dice – The Magic Assistant, at the beginning of November.  It was in development since June 2010 (so about five months).  I designed, prototyped, coded, websited, artworked, and launched the app by myself.  I read and watched tons of materials about iOS development and I’ll be covering which of those materials were of most use here.  I will also be discussing my next projects, something that I find very helpful to the creative process.


My discussions about programing will be centered around topics that would get me banned from StackOverflow.  My next post is going to cover some of the best movies for programmers to watch, a reviled question theme on StackOverflow (yes, I am aware that a StackExchange site was just founded for this very purpose).  This also leads me to my next topic, my favorite programmer food…


I’m only going to write a few articles about it, but they will be picture riddled.  I’m not going to get into long winded discussions about my favorite cheese, but I will discuss some of my favorite snacking habits that nicely accompany a keyboard and mouse.

Video Games

The initial inspiration for my interest in programming, I will be discussing games and game development.  I plan to cover my favorite game mechanics in my favorite games, such as Master of Orion and Diablo.

In the future I’m sure I’ll throw all these topics to the side to blog about why Ruby is better than Python or to write reviews for a premium vodka that has offered to sponsor my blog.

Also, for those of you who just  clicked through 11 pages of posts in the year 2013, this is indeed the last post of the blog.  In a way this post is like a time capsule, and in that spirit I’ll leave you with a few pieces of wisdom circa November 2010.

  • The Pirate Mac App Store hasn’t launched yet and caused a complete crash in app sales.
  • 3D desktop effects are still attracting some to try Linux as their main OS.
  • PlayStation Move and Kinect launched this year and some people still think they won’t fail.
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